Cross Processed Fuji Velvia 50 slide film

Cross Processed Fuji Velvia 50 slide film

After shooting a roll of expired Fuji Provia 400x on my weekend vacation to Carlsbad, California, I inserted a roll of expired Velvia 50 slide film into my trusty Nikon F-100 to see how the results might differ.  Luckily, there was a photo lab in town that processed and scanned my images the same day I dropped off both rolls!  Again, the images were contrasty and grainy, but as compared to the Provia, the Velvia had enhanced color saturation just as we might expect from Velvia processed the normal way – except in this case the colors are just a little bit crazy.  The palette seems to favor a yellow – green shift.  It doesn’t seem to me that being expired by about 4 years had a negative impact on the images.  That’s not to say there is no impact – it’s just that I like the results that I got – maybe even more than the Provia.

This huge palm tree stood proudly above the small condo we rented.13500038-Edit

The huge amount of grain is clearly visible in the sky.


Some bluish highlights are evident in this pink rose.13500031-Edit

Next, I changed the focus point and shot again getting a radically different color shift.


Here’s my friend, Jen.  It would appear that this image was shot in 1975 even though it was really shot in 2016.
The shift toward green is clear in the rendering of the gray building behind her.13500029-Edit

Here is Jen, post race.

A new office building under construction.13500026-Edit

Despite the carbs, the Donut Shop is still popular.13500025-Edit

Here is one fun characteristic of film – shot into the sun, a light leak is visible down the left side of this frame.13500024-Edit

Amtrak cruising through the Carlsbad Station and not stopping.  Heavy vignetting visible in the upper left.13500021-Edit


Cross processed Velvia makes some fun and dramatic silhouettes.13500016-Edit-2

The green – yellow color shift is clear in these beach shots.


After sunset, I had to steady my camera against a tree for this long exposure.13500009-Edit

About to run the Carlsbad 5000 race!13500005-Edit
A bird of paradise.13500002-Edit

Since I had shot a few VW vans in Provia, here’s one in Velvia.

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